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February 25, 2019

Rifts Stickers!!

Last year at Palladium Book's Open House, I announced plans to create an animated sticker pack for iOS iMessenger featuring characters from the Rifts® universe (and somehow forgot to post the announcement here)!  After a long wait for legal paperwork, and two additional months for final development, I'm excited to write that the digital stickers are now FINALLY live on iPhones and iPads worldwide!!

Are you ready to level up your iMessage texts?
From the pages of the Rifts® tabletop role-playing game, come adorable, fully-animated stickers of your favourite iconic characters!

Created by yours truly under official license from Palladium Books®, Inc.

 Download on the App Store


Note: If all goes well with iOS sales, we will be doing our best to look into finding a way to bring these to Android users as well, so tell all your iPhone friends to buy them now! ;)