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December 23, 2011

End of Year Art Post

Looks like another one of those weeks that turned into a month...

This new top secret project of mine seems to just keep getting bigger and bigger, not to mention taking up almost all of my time. Not that I'm complaining, since I think it'll all be worth it; course I'll let you all be the judge once it's done!

Okay, to make up for lost time, here's a huge art post for you!

The first is a preview of some of my all new interior character art from the Robotech®: New Generation™ Sourcebook, published by Palladium Books and written by Irvin Jackson.

From left to right: Lunk, Annie, and Lancer

Next up, Art Jam pieces! The theme for this was favourite cartoons vs other people's favourite cartoons, and of course my pick was Transformers!

Omega Supreme vs TMNT's Krang
Insecticon Bombshell vs Pokémon's Mewtwo
Bumblebee vs Metabot's Metabee

And last, but not least, here's an art piece I did a few years back as a Christmas card for Palladium Books.

That's it until January.
Here's wishing you a festive holiday season, and all the best in the new year!!