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November 28, 2010

24-ish Hour Film - Faily Tales

A few weeks ago, a small number of students at Sheridan College put together a 24 hour animation film-athon; meaning, they gave themselves 24 hours to put together a short animated film. Each person did their own short piece, but a few of them got together to do a themed set of clips in the style of failed fairy tales. I also had the pleasure of joining in on the Fail-y Tales, although, my 24 hours ended up being more like 6 hours due to work stuff that I also had to deal with. Still, it was a blast getting to do some wacky animation! My hat’s off to all the students that participated in the 24hour film-athon, they all did a great job!!

Below is the collection of Fail-y Tales, created by Ashley Belgrave, Nicole Gagnon, Dilraj Gahunia, Vanessa Stefaniuk and myself. Try to guess which clip(s) was done by me, check out the comments below for the answer. :)