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June 7, 2016

Anime North 2016

On May 27-29th, I had the opportunity to join Palladium Books at their gaming table at Anime North, a yearly convention held in the Toronto Congress Centre. It was great seeing the Palladium gang after having missed their Open House last year, and it was my first time at Anime North. While there, I even had the pleasure of bumping into some other old familiar faces who I haven't gotten to see in quite some time. Overall, Anime North was a fun show with tons of stuff there for any anime or manga enthusiast.

While not the usual crowd I'm used to compared to GenCon or Origins, it was still cool to see a few Palladium and Robotech fans show up to the booth. Though, because of my injuries (which are doing much better these days), I didn't have much new art to sell; but that didn't stop me from drawing character/fan-art sketches for visitors!

Here's a few I grabbed photos of:

Sylvannas Windrunner from Warcraft

Black Heart Sketch
Black Heart from Neptunia
Tracer Sketch
Tracer from Overwatch
I decided to throw on some quick colour on the Tracer sketch, just for fun:

Tracer Coloured Sketch
Tracer from Overwatch - Coloured


  1. Hey, Apollo. It was great meeting you again!

    Do you have a Twitter, Instagram or other social media?

    1. Yeah, it was great seeing ya, hope you did well at the show!

      As for social media... Ah sorry, no.
      I haven't been actively on the market, for some time, so I haven't had much need for other social media outlets; and I'm not that much of an online social butterfly, so even just facebook keeps me more than busy, lol.

    2. Hey Alex,
      You can now find me on