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June 3, 2011

Galvatron Demo

Okay, I promised I’d post this up, though it's just the class demo.

For those not familiar with my class, every year as part of the demonstration for my last assignment, I take on a request to animate an established character in cut-out style and do a jump animation with it. Previously, I’ve done the zombie from Plants vs Zombies™ and Nightcrawler from X-Men Evolution.
This year, the request was for Galvatron, from the Transformers series (G1 of course!). Because of the complexity of this particular cut-out character and since I’m a huge Transformer fan, I will be tweaking the model and re-doing the animation I previously did for class and will be adding a traditionally animated transformation sequence after his jump - just for fun.

I also wanted to give YouTube my first test run with something small and low-res, to see how it goes, and I figure quick demo animation should do the trick. :)

Below is the class demonstration, which I'll be soon be re-animating!

Note to self: Put some padding in before and after clips so YouTube doesn't cut it off so quickly.


  1. This assignment was so much fun! I still would have loved to see Cyclonus, haha!

  2. Glad you had fun with it!
    It's a shame, Galvatron was so bad @$$ in the movie, but terrible in the series, pretty much leaving Cyclonus picking up the slack on the cool evil leader front.