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June 8, 2014

Beep Boop Beep Beep

It's been waaay too long!

I had hoped to make it a new year's resolution to update the blog at least once a month; but, I'll spare all of you the gory details. I will say that after two-and-a-half years, I'm no longer working for Toon Boom Animation. I still love their software, but sometimes it's better not seeing what happens behind the curtain.
I do have another job lined up, down the road; but until then, I thought I'd take the opportunity to stretch my drawing muscles again after barely touching a pencil during the last few years, and actually do some art stuffs!
So what's with the "beeps" and "boops"?  Many of you might know that despite me not being a fan of drawing robots, I tend to draw a LOT of them, and this month has been no exception! Here's the breakdown:
  • I'm creating my own table-top card game about -- fighting robots.
  • I'm finally learning Maya, and the first tutorial is to -- build a robot.
  • Finishing up an old piece of demo 2D animation -- of a Transformer.
  • And Palladium/Robotech fans might be happy to hear I'll be doing a few pieces of art for the upcoming sourcebook, Robotech Expeditionary Force Marines!
Lots of stuff to keep you all updated on!
And for my half-year resolution, I promise to update at least once a month!
Until the next post, here's an early thumbnail sketch of one of the upcoming Robotech pictures:

Work in Progress

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